jenine marsh

   The Articulate Muscle, 2014.

The Articulate Muscle, 2014.

As a Body
Curated by Kari Cwynar
August 7 - September 6 2014

Mira Dancy
Olivia Dunbar
Allison Katz
Lauren Luloff
Jenine Marsh
Jody Rogac
Camilla Wills


COOPER COLE is pleased to present As a Body, an exhibition that insists on the
physical presence of the body, painting from life with all of its inconsistencies,
unedited fragments and mutual dependencies.

Think of the skin as interface between bodies, between real and material bodies.
Bodies as surfaces but not without voice. What is the feeling of being a body?
A body that processes, feels line and colour. Walking down a hot street, or
looking at Matisse's odalisques with cold, dead stares. Consider flesh rendered
in oil paint as the ultimate fetish. There are tropes and there is the real
texture of life. Paint, leather and language conjure skin, composing and de-
composing subjectivities. Sweating is distribution, painting is note-taking,
sculpture is gesture itself, bleach eats into fabric that moves in a nude breeze.


Review: NOW Magazine

The Articulate Muscle, 2015.
Air dry clay, water based varnish