jenine marsh

   ArtVilnius'17 with Rupert

Her navel, insecured 2017

Her navel, relieved 2017

Her navel, spare 2017

Speak easy; listen hard; drank up, consumed 2017


Rupert at ArtVilnius’17 on June 8-11th

Represented artists:
James Lewis (UK/AT)
Jenine Marsh (CA)
Anna-Bella Papp (RO/BE)
Miša Skalskis (LT/NL)
Anastasija Sosunova (LT)
Andrea Zucchini (IT/UK)

Curators: Maximilian Gallo. Justė Jonutytė, Adomas Narkevičius
Project coordinator: Ieva Malikėnaitė

Her navel, insecured, 2017. Air dry clay, acrylic varnish, silver ink.
Her navel, relieved, 2017. Air dry clay, acrylic varnish, silver ink, silicone.
Her navel, spare, 2017. Air dry clay, acrylic varnish, silver ink, silicone.
Speak easy; listen hard; drank up, consumed, 2017. Slumped beer bottles.
coins and tokens, 2017. Open series of coins and tokens, various currencies, some pressed by trains on train tracks.


Art and Education centre Rupert will participate in 8th International Contemporary Art Fair “ArtVilnius’17" on June 8-11th.
Rupert will present six young international artists who have created artworks specifically for “ArtVilnius’17“ fair. The works will be
exhibited in a special projects zone in which various art institutions and individual artists present exhibitions.

The exhibition in ArtVilnius‘17 by Rupert – centre for Art and Education revolves around the notion of materiality and individuality in
architectural spaces, as well as the mode of exhibiting and spectatorship itself. The exhibition is set up so that its scaling remains
contingent and potentially the spectator’s vantage point is not the only one completing the interpretational field of it. The anthropocentric
gaze is fired back upon another more speculative layer of non-situational presence contemplating materiality and the ambiguous status of how
exhibitional space, material and biological forms are distinguished, individuated and evaluated.

Rupert is a centre for Art and Education devoted to establishing close cooperation between artists, thinkers, researchers, and other cultural
actors through interdisciplinary programs and residencies. A knowledge-based platform for innovative creative production, Rupert integrates
with the social and cultural framework of the city of Vilnius while simultaneously supporting a strong international focus.