jenine marsh

   What is love? 2016.


Bas Jan Ader, Tom Allen, Polly Apfelbaum, Becky Beasley,
Juliette Blightman, Vern Blosum, Joe Brainard,
Mathew Cerletty, Leidy Churchman, Holly Coulis,
Ann Craven, Sam Falls, Saul Fletcher, Jane Freilicher,
Daan van Golden, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Camille Henrot,
Paul Heyer, Alex Katz, Allison Katz, Ellsworth Kelly,
Caitlin Keogh, Kapwani Kiwanga, Robert Kushner,
Jochen Lempert, Maria Loboda, Robert Mapplethorpe,
Jenine Marsh, Ryan Mrozowski, Aliza Nisenbaum,
D'Ette Nogle, Andy Robert, Mark A. Rodriguez,
Daniel Rios Rodriguez, Willem de Rooij, Melanie Smith,
Dylan Spaysky, Kunié Sugiura, Walter Sutin, Kyle Thurman,
Wolfgang Tillmans, Andy Warhol, James Welling,
Tom Wesselmann, Hannah Wilke, Amy Yao, Nathan Zeidman


A Change of Heart is an exhibition all about flowers. Directly addressing a subject matter that has always been historically
marginalized as a subgenre, seen as little more than the byproduct of a charming amateurism, and minor art making,
A Change of Heart embraces the floral still life in all its formal, symbolic, political and aesthetic heterogeneity. The
exhibition seeks to mobilize and put into dialogue a radical and even dizzying diversity of approaches, including the
queer, the decorative, the scientific, the euphemistic, the memento mori, the painterly, the deliberately amateur and
minor as a position, and much more. To this end, the exhibition combines a broad selection of recent historical works
starting from the ‘60s and the following decades up to a selection of emerging positions which address the floral
each in their own way. At once quaint and absurd, the exhibition intends to touch, provoke and overwhelm through the
concentrated and manifold complexity of its singular and timeless subject matter. The exhibition will be accompanied
by a print handout of selected floral poems.
-Chris Sharp